Jon Thomas, President


 For N.H. Yates, You will find there is no wasted effort which translates into no wasted expense.” 

Clint Junker, CEO


“The benefits of having him with Trailers of the East Coast will be felt for a long time to come.”

Tony Favilla, V.P. Sales


“His broad knowledge combined with his overall cross-functional experience - sales, marketing, operations, finance etc. helped expedite this project at Ward Manufacturing beyond our expectations.”

Cory Perdue, Owner


“Yezbak Consulting's unique combination of classical experience and modern strategy provided Datakwip the insights it needed to improve its managerial and sales processes. George has an amazing ability to hear and understand his clients' needs and provide relevant and effective recommendations.”

Andrew Barton, CEO

 I had the good fortune to work with George for many years and in various roles. George always impressed and inspired me with his drive to look beyond the obvious to find systems and solutions to create real value. He brings a true dedication to continuous learning and excellence that make working with him both enjoyable and rewarding. 

Brian Mahoney, Commercial Sales Manager


George is by far the best business consultant in the industry. I highly recommend George for business consulting either new business or existing business . if you want to see what the true bottom line is how to grow or sell whatever it is George has the knowledge to help.”